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I got my braces put on this morning! I was so excited! Can't wait for my friends to see me with braces. I wasn't nervous because everyone was so nice, and Dr. Nelson is funny! My little brother had fun playing games. Too cool!!! -Cade

Getting braces was something I always wanted.So when I went to get them on I was happy and a little scared but ya'll made it fun and ya'll were always happy and nice. Also ya'll always have an appointment schedule that fits around what I need to do. :)
! ! ! Thank you ! ! !

This is the BEST Orthodontist I ever been to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From:Payton Samuel

The Culf Coast Orthodontist Specialists is an amazing place to go for braces. If you are ever scared of what will happen or if it will hurt then this is the perfect place to go! They will tell you exactly what to do and they will give items to use for your braces. they also give you a t-shirt and if you wear it to the apointments you get extra points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!