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I LOVE it here... My teeth are looking so much better than they did before.... They are so nice to me every time i go in there! The first time i went in there Dr. Risinger gave me a nickname.... I love to go to the orthodonist cause they're so nice to me. I love the free cookies they hand out!!

going to the ortho is very fun and the people there are very nice

The Gulf Coast Orthodontist Specialists is a great place to get your teeth fix. The people that work there are very nice and love their patients like one of their family members. I am so happy to say I go to this dentist. I advice you to visit this dentist , they get the work done, but have fun getting the work done.
Thanks for everything you guys have done

I love Gulf Coast orthodontist!!!! The people are so nice! I got my braces put on Wednesday, February 27th and it was a pretty easy process. Libby Shaw is the best !!!!