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Does your kid have jacked up teeth and need braces? Well why dont you come to Gulf Coast Orthdontist Specialists. If you come here you have a chance to get a $100 gift card to whenever you want!! I love Gulf Coast Orthodontics because every dentist is very nice, very sweet, loyal, fun, funny, cool, and most of they are all PRETTY!!! Dr. Risinger is the nicest Orthodontic you will ever meet. Evrytime you have a check up, while you are waiting to get called back there are two movie rooms, a game center, and a liuttle scetion for adults with coffee adn they can watch the news!!!!! But the best thing of all THEY DONT MAKE YOU GHAVE YOUR BRACES ON FOR A LONG TIME LIKE SOME ORTHODONTICS!

Love, Maylin Louvier!

I <3 Gulf Coast Dental!!!!!

So, my name is Christina and I recently got braces. Dr. Risinger put them in for me, he was extremely nice and comforting. He assured that I was okay while he was putting in the braces and congratulated me when ever we were done. His assistant was also really nice, and took the time to explain the instructions on taking care of my braces and teeth. It's really clean at the office and everyone was professional. They sent me home with all the tools that I needed to ensure that I keep my braces and teeth clean.

All the people are really nice and friendly! I already can notice a difference since I got my braces on. I would recommend Gulf Coast Orthodontist to anyone.