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Oh my gosh! I love this place so much, they've done a great job and everybody is so nice! By the way, really great cookies!

this place is so fun and they are so nice every one should go here

I love Gulf Coast Orthodontist Specialists! They are all so nice and welcoming! Also, they have good cookies!

I think Dr. Nelson and all of his assistants are super cool and like so nice. I have been to both offices and they look exactly the same. My mom started taking us to Port Arthur instead of Beaumont and I didn't even realize it for a couple of months. Lol! They have a coffee bar where you can get tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. They have game centers and i-pads you can play on and they give you a fresh and warm otis spunkmeyer cookie when you leave. The best part is they have a reward program where you can earn points for gift cards. Like $15 i-tunes card or $25 target card. And those points add up FAST! I guess it kind of makes having braces cool. My friends, that have braces, say that their Orthodontists offices aren't anything like mine. ;-) Megan, 12 yrs old