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Dr. Nelson was very nice and worked very fast. My nurse, Rosa, was nice and took good care of me. She took a lot of pictures for their records. I was nervous about going for the first time, but she made it where I wasn't so scared. I liked that my mom was able to go with me to the back. It made me feel better to have her with me since I didnt know what was going to happen. I thought getting my appliance and retainer would hurt, but it didn't! The rubber bands are hard to put in, but they promised me I would get use to it! The cookies at the end are awesome and make everything better!

Y'all do a really great job. Even though getting braces hurt, and the pain in unavoidable, the dental assistants go out of their way to be gentle and not hurt your mouth.

Truly state of the art facility. Super friendly staff!!

I was super nervous going into my appointment..but it was totally not even scary once they got started. The doctor is cool and always smiling. My mom made a good choice choosing this office